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In the years leading up to Omega’s Start up, flexible inlet hose assembly leaks in the large appliance industry cost OEM’s, customers, and insurance companies millions of dollars annually in home damage claims. For many of the largest automatic washer manufactures, filler hose failures ranked number one in field failure costs.

Omega Products opened for business in 1989 dedicated to developing and producing high quality, leak-free hoses. Our superior quality and design solved this issue that plagued the industry years prior. By 1995 Omega had earned a 75% share of the domestic OEM filler hose market by offering the highest quality with the lowest failure rates. As a result, Omega has prospered and our large appliance customers' hose failures are no longer a ranked field failure item.

Because of our quality reputation, exceptional service, and our high volume lean manufacturing structure, Omega was approached by a major OEM with a new opportunity in 2006. They wanted us to launch and manufacture complex sub-assemblies that require 100% in process testing. Under a very short lead-time, by working closely with the customer and suppliers, Omega helped them achieve a highly successful launch as well as reduced their overall manufacturing cost. Since then, Omega’s contract sub-assembly business has grown to represent 80% of our business and has driven a name change from Omega Products to Omega Process Solutions.

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As Omega grew our assembly business and management of a global supply base we uncovered another need. Our customers needed the competitiveness of global sourcing, with a US based warehouse and management team. From this, we developed our components division. We partner with leading manufacturers to ensure our cusomters components are made correctly, competitively priced and always available from our warehouse.

In a very competitive environment, it is our commitment to provide our customers’ solutions to improve 1st time quality and reduce their overall process cost.

Our Quality Policy:

"Omega Process Solutions is dedicated to manufacturing and maintaining, consistently high quality products. It is our job; to ensure that our products meet or exceed our customer’s requirements; to continuously improve our people, processes, products and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System; and to comply with the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001:2015 Standard."